The Possibilities

In Spring 2013, Eden in Season in collaboration with the garden’s major partners have conceptualized this garden plan:

We now have small demonstration areas established with consideration for the following:

  • orchard
  • berries
  • herbs, sensory plants
  • butterflies
  • native plants
  • annual vegetables
  • perennial vegetables

We will implement educational workshops throughout the year to enable users a chance to explore the garden of possibilities.

  • Infrastructure: bench seating in pergola for creating additional seats for outdoor classroom, bulletin board, picnic table, garbage/recycling, rain barrels, compost
  • school has outdoor water access, while garage roof can also be retrofitted to capture excess rainwater
  • school board owns chain-link fence and pergola (outdoor classroom)
  • as there is a board anaphylaxis policy, we have made a decision no nut trees will be planted
  • a number of parents currently maintain the school’s front entrance garden, planted with perennial flowers and natives, with potential for collaboration

What would you like to see in the garden?

  • outdoor classroom seating and writing board
  • benches/seating
  • showpiece/art

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