1) We are a welcoming edible garden and community space growing healthy people for a healthy planet.

2) Our naturalized garden creates learning opportunities and interconnections with community and ecology.

3) When our garden grows, our community grows.

2013 Highlights:

  • Established initial garden footprint with sheet-mulching and initial plantings by May
  • EDEN in SEASON, BVCS school classes, and BVO kids camp well co-ordinated
  • Feedback and planning for 2014
  • ~$2000 of $4000 grant budget spent

2014 Goals:

  • Install welcome sign/bulletin board
  • Prepare printed materials/display for various community events
  • Assemble compost area
  • Engage 20 regular community volunteers
  • Conduct 10 educational workshops and publicize on bulletin board, web site, and social media
  • Establish Garden Guardians of community partners and stakeholders
  • Rainwater capture: roof retrofit, platforms, rain barrels, art project
  • Expand garden-based learning into curriculum for BVCS Grade 2 – 8 students and Developmental Learning students
  • foster GBSS-BVCS link
  • official garden launch event: likely Earth Week April 20-26th. Kids may be able to contribute to a project with this goal in mind. Partner with Transition, municipality, general public, school

Additional Ideas: (additional funding sources can be sought)

  • compost bin info/mural
  • outdoor classroom seating
  • Always find opportunities to integrate activities with community education
  • Garden Size: annual vegetable area, pretty flowers, tree fruits expansion
  • showcase/artistic piece, school art projects and research projects
  • rain barrel base and piping assembly

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